Jorge Eduardo


Jorge Eduardo was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1936. At age 20 he joined the National School of Architecture and two years later went to Europe – France, England, Belgium, Holland and Italy, – bringing back many drawings and watercolors.

Although graduated, he only worked two years as an architect. He was an illustrator in an advertising agency and later agency owner, until 1977.
Self-taught painter, began his artistic career in 1972, making many landscapes and imaginary forests in oils, drawings and watercolors. From 1981, dedicated himself to painting, developing hyper-realistic work.

Scenes and landscapes are set in windows found in demolitions, which become frames.
In 1982, at group exhibition held at FUNARTE (National Art Foundation), his work draws the attention of art dealer Jean Boghici, who in 1984 organized an exhibition at the Copacabana Palace, about Rio de Janeiro, with works by Gustavo Dall’Ara and Jorge Eduardo.

In May 1986, Jorge makes his first international exhibition in Paris, at the Galerie 1900-2000, of Marcel Fleiss. In 1991, held a solo exhibition at the Kouros Gallery in New York, showing his windows and a new creation: the ilujetos.

In 1995 he painted ilujeto “Brazil Flag”, which reproduces the large flag, is hoisted on the Square of the Three Powers in Brasilia. The work was donated, and is in the Presidential Palace.

In 1996, sponsored by Banco Icatu, Jorge Eduardo made many trips to Brazil, photographing almost all regions. From that record, he did 70 watercolors, making up the book “Watercolors of Brazil,” released in 1999.

Since 2002, in addition to tables, windows and portraits, Jorge Eduardo has been dedicated to creating ilujetos cars. The first five were exhibited at Art Miami 2003 by Mauricio Pontual Gallery.