Juarez Machado


Juarez Machado (Joinville, March 16, 1941) is a Brazilian artist. In addition to devoting himself to painting, it is also a sculptor, designer, cartoonist, mime artist, designer, set designer, writer, photographer and actor.

In 1961 he moved to Curitiba, enrolling in the School of Music and Fine Arts of Paraná. After just graduated in 1964, held its first solo show at the Cocaco Gallery, Curitiba, starting a highly successful career. Moved to Rio de Janeiro in 1965, where he lived for twenty years. Humorous drawings launched him nationally.

Besides drawing and painting, made incursions into mime, stage design, visual design, illustration and sculpture. Was the main cartoonist at a brazilian newspapers and a mimic in the program Fantastico, Globo TV. In the late 70’s, turned completely to painting. In 1971 he held the opening of the film designs A Panther in My Bed.

Intending to internationalize its work in 1978 Juarez traveled to New York, London and finally went to Paris, where he settled in 1986 and set up his studio, without prejudice to the workshops already installed in Joinville and Rio de Janeiro.

Juarez Machado received numerous awards, both in Brazil and abroad, and has made frequent exhibitions both in the United States and Europe.