Eduardo Bortk

Eduardo_Bortk_retratoCarlos Eduardo de Mendonça Bortkievicz was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on August 11, 1950. Self-taught, began painting by his mother’s encouragement, the painter Maria Helena. He attended the atelier (workshop) of painters Eugenio de Proenca Sigaud and Ivan Serpa, appearing in the list, published in the book “Sigaud Painter of Workers”, as one of the painters that he preferred. Launched himself in 1972, at the “Summer Lounge” exhibition, held at the Museum of Modern Art Rj.

Since 1996, he began a series of portraits, among which stands out the gallery of former presidents at the Brazilian Jockey Club, reproduced in the book of Ney Carvalho, celebratory of the 150th anniversary of the JCB. In 2004, started working with Mauricio Pontual Gallery, whom launches him abroad as a hyper-realistic artist, with several works auctioned and sold at Sotheby’s and Christie’s in New York.